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Tank Testing, Welding, & Repair

Licensed and insured 5-year and annual petroleum tank testing 
Tests performed on MC306/DOT406, MC307/DOT407 and MC312/DOT412 tanks.
R-Stamp Certified welders can repair any crack, leak, or body damage

We can book your tank test appointment up to a year in advance!

Contact Us At:
(478) 784 0000
We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Mobile Repair Services!

Our certified tank inspectors and technicians will provide your company with the confidence to minimize unscheduled down time, safety and environmental risks, and at the same time maximize the benefits of your repair and inspection investments. 

We are proud to be the only Heil Authorized Service Center in Central Ga!


The only ASME R-Stamp Certified Tank Repair Shop in Middle Georgia!

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